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Projet du Laboratoire de Systèmes d'Information Répartis (LSIR)


P2P file sharing on different networks

Projet description

Find a suitable implementation of a DHT routing method

I'd crawled the web to find existing Java implementations of DHT approaches which could be implemented in the given P2P API interface.

I found the following ressources :

Finding another DHT implementation : [1]

Implementation of the P2P API

First at this step is to check if the found DHT implementation is suitable enough to map our P2P API.

I personaly like Bamboo, so I will check first if Bamboo can be used to be implemented. If it not the case, I could at worst use Freepastry, which is more tested.


Starting to play with P-Grid.

1. Create .bat script to be able to launch the HelloWorld demo. 2. Lauch an instance of P-Grid as a bootstrap host to another computer 3. Listen to generated network traffic 4. Understand the routing messages -- end of week #8 -- 5. Implement the same HelloWorld with Bamboo -- end of holiday week #1 -- 6. Plan the PlanetLab test

Le but de mon projet est donc d'implémenter l'interface p2p avec bamboo, et de faire tourner le HelloWorld sans rien changer au code. Parallèlement je dois critiquer l'interface et proposer des améliorations si nécessaire.

-> trouver un exemple d'utilisation de bamboo. -> bamboo.interface -> reprendre le modèle de P-Grid.

option pas bien : utiliser freepastry...

Performance evaluation

After having implemented the P2P API, I have to run a "benchsuite" to evaluate the performance of selected DHT and compare it with P-Grid.

To do this, I have to invent lots of tests and run them on Planet lab.

Providing documentation

At last but not least, I have to write a rapport about the results of my benchsuite and the considerations I could find on it.