CV Benoit Perroud

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Image:BenoitPerroud.jpg Champ Didon 102

CH – 1740 Neyruz

Mobile: +41 076 377 87 38

E-mail: benoit _[_at_]_

24.04.1980, Swiss, single


  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – Lausanne (EPFL) (2001 - 2007)
Courses taken include: (see complete list with grades)
Cryptography and security Software engineering & design
Database engineering Advanced compiler construction
Algorithmic Networking

Work Experience

Chéseaux-sur-Lausanne - NagraCard - Kudelski Group, Master Thesis on "Resverse engineering FTA decoder

I analyse with reverse engineering technique a FTA digital TV decoder based on a ST20 microprocessor. 2006 - 2007

Fribourg, MIG Technology Sàrl

Founder and Technical Lead Developper, I manage a team of 6 software engineers 2004 - current

Experience within clubs and societies

Lausanne, Baléléc

2001 - 2003
The main achievements:

Outface, Outface

President 2002
Logistic manager since 1998,


French : Mother tongue English : Good knowledge, high school level and 2 months language

school, Cambridge

German : high school level

Computer Science Skills

Operating System : Linux (Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu), Unix
Programming : Java (J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JMS, Swing), Shell scripts, Matlab, HTML, CSS,
Databases : SQL, Postgres, Oracle, XML (XPath, XQuery, JDom)
Others : UML, Extreme Programming, RUP, ITIL, Design Patterns


Sports : snowboard (coach J+S 2), gymnastic, volleyball and windsurf